F*ck Sandy & How I Became a “Woman of the Week”

Live from New York… With power and heat.

Shoot me an email if people need a place to rest, charge up, etc. I have a Brita filter!

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The Awful Truth About Being the Best

On Friday, 9/7/12, around 1:00pm EST, I went on a little Twitter rant. Not because I was particularly upset about anything, or because I was having a terrible day.

In fact, the day was going pretty well.
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Why Not?

This is a guest post from Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ and The Blog of Impossible Things.

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Tabatha Coffey & Kris

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Karmin’s Amy & Nick & Kris

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Author Chuck Palahniuk & Kris

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AJ Styles & Kris

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Sia & Kris

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Artist Bruce Iberg & Kris

Artist Bruce Iberg & Kris
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Too Many Directions, Not Enough Kidnappers

… Is what happens when you’re an artist with 7,896,457 ideas on the kitchen table of our mind.

If we had each had our own personal, artistic kidnapper to throw us into an old pick-up, and take us the direction so we could accomplish just one of those projects, it would probably be easier.

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