Why Normal People F*cking Suck & You Shouldn’t Listen to Them

Most people fall into two categories: 1. The folks that are going to fake it when they don’t know something, or 2. the folks who will bow out gracefully with genuine hope of becoming educated about a topic.

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F*ck Sandy & How I Became a “Woman of the Week”

Live from New York… With power and heat.

Shoot me an email if people need a place to rest, charge up, etc. I have a Brita filter!

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The Awful Truth About Being the Best

On Friday, 9/7/12, around 1:00pm EST, I went on a little Twitter rant. Not because I was particularly upset about anything, or because I was having a terrible day.

In fact, the day was going pretty well.
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Why Not?

This is a guest post from Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ and The Blog of Impossible Things.

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