Exclusive Interview: Kreayshawn!

* Originally published at cherrygrrl.com, October 24, 2011 – Read the full text here

Twenty-two million YouTube views can’t be wrong, can they? “Gucci Gucci” became this summer’s anthem, turning Kreayshawn into a sensation. From interviews with XXL and Complex magazine, selling out mini-tours, and getting covered on a freestyle by Lil’ Wayne, the California native is literally, everywhere. Kreayshawn is currently signed to Sony and is hard at work on her first full-length album. She called from Los Angeles to talk about the White Girl Mob, getting signed to a major label, and how to get her attention.

CherryGRRL (CG): You said, “I never started making records to get a deal,” so how did it feel when Sony/Columbia approached you? Was there a part of you that was like, “Finally?”

Kreayshawn: Yeah. It was crazy. It was something I never expected, but it happened. It’s true that I never went looking for a deal. That’s not me. When I made songs, I wasn’t thinking, “Hey, I’m going to make this hit and get a deal.” But when the buzz started, I was feelin’ it like, “Damn, now I gotta keep doin’ this. I can do something big.” It definitely wasn’t something I was thinking about when I started though.

CG: Let’s go back a bit. There’s a video called ‘Online Fantasy,’ and you’re kinda feelin’ this girl … And I noticed that she popped up again in the ‘Bumpin’ Bumpin’ video. What can you tell me about the premise behind ‘Online Fantasy’, and your relationship with her?

Kreayshawn: Oh, I’ve been best friends with her since I was 10. I directed the ‘Online Fantasy’ video. It’s just about having a crush on someone, but you can’t reach them because they’re online. That’s interesting to me: to put a visual behind music. I love watching things. I love good movies and good music, and when you can put them together, it tells a story. If you have a good knowledge of both of them, it just makes something else. All the videos you see on YouTube is me practicing.

CG: That being said, which film is more gangsta: “Set It Off” or “Waiting To Exhale”?

Kreayshawn: Oh, “Set It Off” for sure.

CG: You’ve got a lot of fans/admirers … What’s the best way for someone to try and holler at you?

Kreayshawn: [Laughs] I like getting gifts, so if you come creative with the gifts… Yeah.

CG: Are you treating the process of making your first full-length record any differently than the mixtape process?

Kreayshawn: Definitely not. I’ve been going back to Oakland to write and record in the same studio I was before I got signed. I’m not messin’ with that. I’m keeping things as close to my comfort zone as I can.

CG: What would people be surprised to know about you?

Kreayshawn: Hmm… I don’t know. There’s so many things out there about me now. Well, I’m trained in Facility Maintenance, so I can do any type of maintenance work for the city. I could be a Custodian and clean all kinds of sh*t and all that.

CG: The rap game is full of beef and controversy, but when you say something, sh*t gets REAL. Do you think you get an unusual amount of attention because you’re new or came up so fast? Does it get tiring having whatever your crew (the White Girl Mob) say held against you?

Kreayshawn: I don’t know what it is. I think I’m a vocal person. I’m always on Twitter or blogging on Video (YouTube). I’m always talking, you know. I’m good at that, and I have a lot of opinions. But once you say something, it’s held against you and whoever you roll with. That’s just how it is. But it’s whatever. We just have to be smarter as a group, and we all gotta work together on how we put sh*t out there.

CG: What are your guilty pleasures?

Kreayshawn: I have this thing with milk. I always have to drink milk. When I do shows at the club, they have to have milk on ice for me. And the club managers or whatever are always askin’ “Did she drink the milk?” Hell yeah, I drank it. It’s gotta be whole milk though.

CG: So that’s on your rider [request submitted on behalf of the artist for food/beverages and décor that has to be accommodated by the venue]? “Milk on ice?”

Kreayshawn: Sh*t, man. That’s probably the only thing on my rider.

CG: Beyond being a student of rap, what other songs or artists do you love?

Kreayshawn: There’s too many artists, and as far as genres, there’s so many. It depends on the day. Some days I could be listening to classic R&B or 80’s freestyle. There’s so much sh*t out there.

CG: What is the biggest lie circulating about Kreayshawn right now?

Kreayshawn: Yo, there is unreal amounts of sh*t circulating. I seriously heard that Bruce Willis is my uncle. And this girl was on the radio or YouTube or whatever perpetrating that sh*t SO hard. She was like, “I know for a fact that Bruce Willis is her uncle, and he paid for everything she has going on right now. It’s going to come out and everyone will see he put her up.

I’m really like, what the f*ck, man? That’s how people are going to say it happened?

CG: [Laughs] The truth comes out.

Kreayshawn: Right? He used his Hollywood hook-ups to just make it happen. He just had to make some calls. It’s crazy.

CG: Do you feel any pressure to recreate the success of “Gucci Gucci” because you’re on a major label or is that pressure coming from you?

Kreayshawn: It’s all the pressure I’m putting on myself, you know? I’m not lookin’ to make another song that sounds like “Gucci Gucci” or an album of “Gucci Gucci.” The pressure is really to make an album I’m proud of, and to finish up a body of work. I am always judging my art. Before, I hesitated to put my music out there. I wasn’t sharing it, even though I was making it. But when V-Nasty went to jail, that’s when I decided to do something. I figured, “She’s not here. Nothing is going on.” So I really threw the mixtape out there and that was the first time I put anything out.

CG: So we all knew thatKreayshawn had too many b*tches before she got signed to a record deal, so can you even count them now?

Kreayshawn: Yeah. Yeah. I can’t even count. There’s too many b*tches, but it’s like never enough. When I do shows and I bring my friends, they’re always like, “How come they can’t come to my room?” I gotta tell them, “Nah, dude. These are Kreayshawn fans, they ain’t your fans. Get your own.”

CG: [Laughs] So you don’t even split the b*tches with the White Girl Mob?

Kreayshawn: Nah, I don’t split the b*tches with the White Girl Mob. But like, V-Nasty gets her own b*tches anyway. Like, so many I can’t even say. She doesn’t need help.

CG: When can people expect to see more results of your hard work?

Kreayshawn: I definitely want to have some (music) stuff done by December. It’s been a crazy time, you know, but that’s important to me. I want to get it out there now.

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