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Kristina Interviews Chris Guillebeau

Enjoy my conversation with the creator of one of my favorite blogs EVER, The Art of Non-Conformity, Chris Guillebeau. Chris is a fantastic blogger and story-teller, and if you have not read his blog, you’re really denying yourself one of the best reads you’re going to have provided by the Internet. On September 7th, he will be publishing his first book (based on the same name) and he will begin his book tour in New York City, which is something I’m incredibly stoked about.

Kristina Interviews Nick Orsini

Enjoy my conversation with my new friend and phenomenal talent, Nick Orsini, who runs a great blog, Adorkable. Nick just self-published his first novel, Two Wrongs Make A Vice and is doing it completely DIY. He’s currently touring with the book and some cool merch. I expect really great things from him.

Donna Mizani – LA’s Hardest Working Designer

Donna Mizani works harder than most, and she loves and respects clothes. As an “up-and-coming” fashion designer in Los Angeles, her stock is on the rise, as she can count Kristin Cavallari and Kourtney Kardashian as fans. Despite her on-the-go mantra and her commitment to making a wearable, sexy brand women can trust, she still found a few minutes to tell us about what it takes to be a designer, what is in her future, and why she takes her job so seriously.

Event: Playboy – The Book of Cigars

“Cigars are a social lubricant.” A wise metaphor by one of the great American cigar men, Aaron Sigmond, who I had the privilege of talking to at the HighBar in New York City. Cigars are synonymous with sex and class, so in between scotch drinking and the distinct waft of cigar smoke, courtesy of the complimentary cigars made by Playboy, here was a man with a lot to celebrate.

Jenny Shimizu: Model, Actress, LGBT Icon… American Beauty

Let’s face facts: Jenny Shimizu is an icon among the queer community. But what you may not already know is that she a multifaceted, dynamic, tour de force. She’s more than a champion of the LGBT community, more than the gorgeous and androgynous Asian-American model who challenged archaic interpretations of sexuality and beauty on billboards across the country. She’s more than a motorcycle mechanic and enthusiast, more than an actress, more than a designer, and more than a poster child.

Making Her Way on the Internet Today: Dannielle Owens-Reid

When something goes viral… It’s a blessing, and a curse. But more often than not, a blessing. Just ask Dannielle Owens-Reid, creator of, a.k.a. the online phenomenon, Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber. She also offers advice via, a site started with her buddy Kristin Russo, AND was recently a runner-up for MTV’s first TJ, where the winner would earn a six-figure salary and the opportunity to tweet about MTV for a living.