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How to solve the “It’s Not My Problem” problem

When the Sanitation Worker decides that a broken bag is “not his problem,” it ultimately becomes a bigger problem than it’s worth.

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Perfect isn’t part of the plan

You guys know I hate dumb advice. I probably can’t stand anything more than when people speak on things they don’t have any knowledge of.

And yet it happens every day when people sell you the perfect body, the perfect desk, the perfect writing conditions, etc.

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Normal people f*cking suck & you shouldn’t listen to them

Most people fall into two categories: 1. The folks that are going to fake it when they don’t know something, or 2. the folks who will bow out gracefully with genuine hope of becoming educated about a topic.

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F*ck Sandy & how I became a “Woman of the Week”

Live from New York… With power and heat.

Shoot me an email if people need a place to rest, charge up, etc. I have a Brita filter!

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The awful truth about being the best

On Friday, 9/7/12, around 1:00pm EST, I went on a little Twitter rant. Not because I was particularly upset about anything, or because I was having a terrible day.

In fact, the day was going pretty well.
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Why Not?

This is a guest post from Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ and The Blog of Impossible Things.

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