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Last Year’s LMHQ Breakfast Panel

I had the incredible pleasure of sitting down with Hannah Wolf of Spotify and Kelly Fitzpatrick of Blue Park Kitchen in a conversation moderated by Kristin Russo of “Everyone is Gay” last year at LMHQ in Downtown NYC last year.


#NYC – Join Me for Breakfast?

Super stoked, honored, humbled and *excited* to be joining Hannah Wolf and Kelly Fitzpatrick for this conversation on visibility in the workplace. Especially at this critical moment in our movement’s lifespan.

We have a lot of work to do, but breakfast is a good start. Tickets are here:

Hope I see you there.

Home for the holidays

This year is the first in a while where I won’t be giving my mother a present to open. I completed a bucket list item for both of us earlier this year when I took her to see Marc Anthony at Madison Square Garden during his “Legacy” Tour.

That’s an interesting name because I think about legacy a lot. I think about what people will say at my funeral. I think about what people will remember me for if I don’t have children. I wonder what my parents will have wished I did. I wonder if my brother will greet me at the pearly gates when my soul leaves my body. I wonder if I will be scared when the end comes.

Digital moves so fast that people forget their legacy. Digital is very much like life, it moves quickly, but nothing is forgotten. Think about the template of a life you’ve lived: you either built it and made your own way or tried to follow someone’s else. The “market” is similar to that in many ways–some savvy digital folks make a viral thing and suddenly became a source for desperate brands trying to harness it.

The thing is, there’s more to this game than a good tweet and a bright smile. 

There’s a sweet science.

You see, a very long time ago when I was a lowly digital consultant with a dream, I promised my mother that I’d take her to see Marc Anthony in concert. It was largely symbolic, but meant a lot to both of us. He is her favorite artist, and it was what she played when I would do chores as a kid on the weekends. 

Taking her to the concert meant more than nostalgia. It meant I was fulfilling a promise, and that I had not forgotten what I said to her. It meant the things that mattered to me then, still mattered now, and that she mattered.

Of course, seeing Marc meant I had accumulated the excess, the access, and the freedom she had always wished for me. It meant I had a disposable income. It meant that as a QPOC, I was okay. It meant I had “made it,” even for a short time. 

But the lesson here is simple, who you are and what you stand for, matters. Whether it’s IRL to your mom or to someone you’ve never met on Instagram. The social currency that you’re willing to sacrifice for likes, little hearts, and RTs has to be parallel to what you’d be willing to give up for real, true, love 24/7/365.

So while you’re posting in 2019, think about whether it’s about you, who you really are and if it’s true to your legacy. And if it is, it doesn’t matter how fast digital moves, it will never take it away from you.

Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry… Make it Rain!

I spoke at the #18NTC (2018 Nonprofit Tech Conference in NOLA) with Steve Jacobs of Precision Strategies, and wanted to share the slides with y’all.

All of your heroes die & so will you – A list to remember

Credit: dvortygirl Flickr

Which I suppose is, the first thing they forget to tell you about heroes.
There are a lot of things that you’ll find out when you’re on the journey to being your best self.
This is a list of some things that I wished someone would have said or mentioned to me:
  1. Be nice. It will feel natural and much easier, to have bad days and carry them with you. Do not. It is a fucked up thing to expect others to do that emotional labor for you, to make you feel better, to lift you up. Friends will do that, but most others will not. And no one should have to.
  2. Read more. You only get better by learning and sharing ideas with others. Reading is a good way to do both.
  3. Do you want the thing or the experience? Do you really want those Gucci dog tags? True Religion jeans? Nike Air Jordan 1 UNCs? Or do you want the envy that comes when some people see you with those things? If you can’t tell the difference, start over.
  4. Happiness is not contagious. Being genuine is. As is being thoughtful.
  5. Your mental health is the most important thing you can maintain. Do the work to take care of it.
  6. Life is fair, because the market does not give two fucks about your day. Do decent work, try your best, don’t be lazy. Pursue every opportunity. 
  7. Life is unfair, because the market does not give two fucks about your day. Do decent work, try your best, don’t be lazy. Pursue every opportunity.
  8. There are no conventional paths to success – “Where we’re going, there are no roads.”
  9. Be willing to eat shit for what you love. If you really want to paint, are you gonna wash the craft store’s windows for supplies at 25% off? Would you walk dogs to pay for art school tuition? Would you apprentice for a semi-successful artist for free? If no, see no. 7.
  10. Your heroes have died and will die. So will you. Start looking forward and stop doing all the shit that won’t matter.
Stop waiting for permission.
Be the best fucking you there is–There’s only one.