Welcome back.

In the mid-2000s, this adventure began. I wrote online, and people read.

It was then that I knew the web would be an exciting, dynamic place where people would innovative, share and engage one another with reckless abandon. And I was still late!

Around a decade ago, I started writing at this URL (Luckily, the name wasn’t taken.). This site became the place to read my writing and for others to connect with me if they wanted to. This website began because I had words in my head that I didn’t know where to put them. I knew it would be wrong to keep it buried within. So I shared how it felt to be in a constant state of tug of war between your professional and your artistic self, the battle for authenticity, the journey to being validated, and ultimately, how to cope with never finding it.

But as luck turns out, a lot of folks battle with creating something that’s bigger than themselves while working a day/night gig. A lot of people have artistic struggles. Even more shocking, some people do not even believe they can use “being creative” to power professional success.

The truth is when I started this journey… I didn’t think anyone would notice.

But YOU did.

So… What now?

A lot has changed. We’ve grown. We’ve had our victories, and our losses. Best of all, we have learned.

We have learned that greatness is around us and all things are possible. We live in the most opportunistic time of our existence, but, creativity IS required. And so is showing up. So let’s do this. Let’s conquer the world. Let’s empower, change, and create together.