Normal people f*cking suck & you shouldn’t listen to them

Most people fall into two categories: 1. The folks that are going to fake it when they don’t know something, or 2. the folks who will bow out gracefully with genuine hope of becoming educated about a topic.

Yeah, buddy.

What drives me absolutely NUTS about this, is that when number 1 is confronted with the reality that their cookie-cutter lives are not tailored for people like you or me… They put on their authoritative caps and become experts.

The minute that you try to do something adventurous, or do something that is challenging the status quo, you start to make people nervous.

They start to see that you’re not cut from the same cloth. You’re not the same as them. You don’t want the same things.

People become SO NERVOUS about your choices, that they’ll do ANYTHING to prove you’re wrong.

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m willing to bet that in your circle, no one knows what the FUCK they’re talking about.

You know why?

Because they’re not YOU.

You’re different. You want “crazy” things, like a life of meaning, of adventuring, of learning. People ask me what it means to be a “creativity enforcer” all the damn time. People think it was a cool trademark that I assigned to myself for branding reasons or something.

Creativity enforcing is about learning, first and foremost. It’s about the discovery of self and the things that inspire you. It’s about living life to its fullest.

It’s not about living a life rotting away in a corner cubicle waiting for someone to notice you and pick you out of one hundred other corner cubicles and saying, “Hey, (Name) it’s your turn to make a difference. It’s your turn to set this place on fire.”

This is what being a creativity enforcer is all about: inspiring people and building things that people seek out long after your final days.

Don’t get me wrong–I love normal people. There has to be cogs for the machine to work. I get that. I also get that not everyone feels like they’re creative or that they can create a future for themselves.

Normal folks also remind me of why abnormal people are so exceptional. They want to create a legacy. They want people to use their words as fuel. They want people to see them as a vessel for their own self-discovery and adventure.

This is all awesome news, but everything has a price.

And even though you’re sitting there nodding along with me as you read this, there’s a strong possibility that when you look around your life, you don’t see the freedom that you gain or the happiness that comes from pursuing your dreams or improving your skillset. You may just see all of the stability that you would be giving up.

In other words, there’s a strong chance you may never be ready to announce your abnormalities to the world.

And that’s something that you have to decide for yourself, unfortunately.

Innovators didn’t get where they are today by listening to the status quo. Innovators, game changers and the new buzzword of the moment: thought leaders, didn’t have fancy titles and freedom on Day 1.

They were abnormal people first.
They were crazy.
They were losers.

But you don’t get to the Peak of Awesome Mountain by letting other people hold you back.

Don’t wait until it’s safe. Don’t wait until life gets easy. Because it never will.

And that’s the key right there… If life is ALWAYS hard, and there’s a never a right time to make a move and stand up for the rest of your life, than every day is just going to be another blank canvas that you can paint with the successes of your life.

The key to carving out your own legacy is not getting good grades, being good-looking, having talent or getting lucky. The key that unlocks every door and makes you forget every “No” you’ve been told is…

Drumroll, please…

Not listening to all of the dumb stuff you’re going to hear about normalcy.

You have to want your success and the weird stuff that comes with it more than normalcy. More than sanity. You have to be willing to be the torchbearer for weirdness and misunderstanding. You have to be willing to be an anomaly.

Every time you fail, you’ll be a cliche. But when you succeed, you’ll be a god. There are two things that teach you about yourself: the people you love in this life and the fights you have in this life.

One of those battles will be against those very people you love: friends, family, colleagues and coworkers that tell you that opening a bakery is “too crazy”. It’s “too risky”. The economy is “too unpredictable”.

They’ll tell you that going into business alone doesn’t make sense.

They’ll tell you that your life is fine, and that you should feel lucky to even have insurance!

Lots of people have terrible jobs, and they don’t feel lucky about it.

They feel cursed.
They feel lost.

You’re not beaten. I know that because I was a very different me six years ago. I know that because I now know that no one ever became a legend by leaving the table during a high-stakes game.

Life isn’t easy, but the advice that people give you, always seems to be.
“Stay the course.”
“Go back to school and wait out the economic downturn.”

You know who doesn’t have to wait for the economy? Leaders. Innovators. Game changers. People who make their own way.

Their life is in their hands, and no one can tell them what they can accomplish.

You know who does have to wait for the economy? NORMAL PEOPLE. People who are employed by other people who worry about money in a recession. But a friend who is worried about losing their job isn’t going to have much to offer YOU about leaving behind conformity. That’s all they know.

As for me, I’m telling you it’s never too late.

I chose to spend the rest of my days on the Island of Misfit Toys where possibilities astound, I can make my own life and no one else on the island looks like me.

Call me abnormal, but I’d rather be there, than inside of Santa’s bag with all of the other toys that are exactly the same, waiting to fall out of the sky and hoping that the ground is there when I land.

Are you a misfit toy or a toy made by Santa’s elves? Leave a comment about the experiences you’ve had with people’s dumb advice!

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  1. Justin Davis says:

    Thank you so much for that. I’m off to smash some reflektors now, because, well, you know…

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