F*ck Sandy & how I became a “Woman of the Week”

Live from New York… With power and heat.

Shoot me an email if people need a place to rest, charge up, etc. I have a Brita filter!

Obviously, Hurricane Sandy has leveled (READ: Beat the shit out of) my beloved city, my birthplace and the place I’ve called home my entire life: New York City.

Thousands are still without power throughout the five boroughs, and things are looking really bad on Staten Island–the borough that many of my exes grew up in, called home, and where much of their families still call home. My thoughts go out to those who lost everything including friends and loved ones.

For those who want to help in times of crisis, but don’t know how… here are some suggestions:

  1. Donate blood
  2. Offer up your home/shower/extra space
  3. Donate any food or clothing you’re not using
  4. Volunteer

It was a scary time for all of us here on the East Coast and I am proud to be a New Yorker when I see how resilient and dedicated we are to helping one another.


As far as “How I Became a ‘Woman of the Week’ on the Cunnington Shift” for October 25, 2012… I’m not really sure. Which I guess proves my larger argument that if you’re creating what you are supposed to be creating, it doesn’t matter how the audience finds you–They will.

It was a great interview, even though I still kinda suck at being the person answering (not asking) the questions. But if you’re curious about more of my story and have some free time, please listen to the interview about how I got some modicum of Internet notoriety: The Cunnington Shift: Interview with Kristina Villarini. (The host has removed the show, so once I’m able to get a copy I will repost.)

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