Don’t be afraid to change your mind

When I began this journey as a writer on the inter-webs, I had a ton of preconceived notions about the experience and how it would affect my professional career.

It was interesting because I only saw two distinct possibilities in my future: 1. Scrooge McDuck-like wealth as an overnight sensation or 2. dismal failure and my life hunkering along meaninglessly until I died.

As you all can plainly see, I still accepted my fate as an artist.

Neither of those really happened. In fact, something else did, that I wasn’t prepared for. Through my experience as a writer, I met some of the very best people in the business at communicating effectively who found their station in life through trial-and-error or by ‘any means necessary.’

Learning about all of these experiences, helped me realize that I don’t simply want to be an artist to speak to people.

I want to help people.

Help people find their own voice.

Help people find their own creative outlet.

Help people embark on their own adventures while not breaking the bank or their own back.

Nearly four years later, I no longer feel the intense resistance to working full-time in a non-art field. I am no longer the token poster child for ‘quit your job and burn the bridge.’ After all, I’m three years older and not nearly as jaded. I recognize that the adventure, of quitting my job and deciding to write full-time and freelance as a blogger and content developer, was one that I needed to have.

The opportunity to challenge myself to do better was mine alone. Is it something I hope resonates with others? Sure. But it’s not everyone’s cross to bear. And now, I understand that.

Rather than knock myself for being so married to the idea that corporate jobs are the problem, I realize there are much larger issues; education, motivation and work/life balance in today’s abhorrent economy.

Have I changed my mind about many other things since then? Yes. I chalk it up to experience, and the act of evolving. I have moved forward in my life, career, desires, hopes and dreams.

Of course, I still want more. I want to reach more people, to say more, and to learn every step of the way.

But the more I’ve learned, the more I’ve changed, and I’m not afraid of it. In fact, I would be more concerned if I didn’t.

Change isn’t the problem being unwilling to change is.
And I’m not afraid of it; in fact, I would be more concerned if I didn’t.

Change isn’t the problem. Being unwilling to change is.

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