The chase

Some people do things for the experience… The act or art of creating.

Some do it for the thrill.

Some do it for the recognition.

Whatever your reasons, there are many feelings that can and will come over you.

I find it really important to identify the moments that elicit the greatest response, whatever it may
be. Often times, I think about what I want my newest idea or story to sound and feel like, not
allowing myself to let the story establish itself organically. In other words, I have to stop myself
from chasing a false idea that is more than likely rooted in a pursuit of perfection or success.

We, as artists have to catch ourselves. We have to recognize that as long we can draw, sculpt,
chisel, write, etc., people will be drawn to us.

The chase is not what matters. The attraction is.

The biggest way to turn someone off to your art?

Be too busy chasing something, instead of making something.

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