January, 2012

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Too many plots, not enough kidnappers

… Is what happens when you’re an artist with 7,896,457 ideas on the kitchen table of our mind.

If we had each had our own personal, artistic kidnapper to throw us into an old pick-up, and take us the direction so we could accomplish just one of those projects, it would probably be easier.

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Kiss up & recognize

Let’s face it getting the approval of your peers is awesome. Another ‘harsh’ reality is when people kiss your ass, though it can also be awesome. Whether you have something someone wants and you’ve reached a certain level of success that people want to associate with, or you’re just the newest fad or trend in the latest burst of trends and fads, it’s all pretty damn cool.

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Don’t be afraid to change your mind

When I began this journey as a writer on the inter-webs, I had a ton of preconceived notions about the experience and how it would affect my professional career.

It was interesting because I only saw two distinct possibilities in my future: 1. Scrooge McDuck-like wealth as an overnight sensation or 2. dismal failure and my life hunkering along meaninglessly until I died.

As you all can plainly see, I still accepted my fate as an artist.

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The chase

Some people do things for the experience… The act or art of creating.

Some do it for the thrill.

Some do it for the recognition.

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