Art looks better when it’s naked




Maybe even when it’s done and it’s true-to-yourself, it’s crap, but it’s YOUR crap, and if you don’t write it/sing it/paint it, the world will never have it.

I’m not in the business of telling stories that end the way people want or that create a reality people wish there really was. I’m in the business of telling truths. I tell the truth that makes sense to me, that screams to get out of my head, and that I hope (always after) that people will resonate. Truths begin as mine and mine alone and hopefully end with a group of people nodding their heads, hopefully. That doesn’t mean there will ever be any head-nodding at your doorstep.

I liken this to the age-old criticism about the writer who takes her $2,000 Mac to Starbucks to create the “next great American novel.” It just so happens that I wrote “The Identity,” which I consider to be a pretty good piece of short, clever prose, on a ten-pound Dell.

Go figure.

Artists are in not in the business of saving people’s lives, but that’s what art does. More and more I believe that when you create something real people will find it, people will love, and it will all make sense. You can dress it up all you want, but distractions are simply that distractions.

And they’ll pass taking your audience with it. People can tell when you’re selling them a bridge, and more than ever these days, people aren’t buying.

Stop hiding it. Your work is beautiful.

And it looks even better without the distractions.

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