September, 2010

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Getting lost in the shuffle

Often times, I find myself ‘lost in the shuffle’ of my projects, plans and imagination.

In my head, there’s an amazing, expansive space where anything is possible. It’s been incredibly positive recently, and a lot of fun to create in that head-space. It isn’t like this all the time, but working/writing daily actually does make it easier to recognize and embrace your “good” days. Read More

Build your own roads

When I set out to start this site, I really didn’t have much of a clue what I was doing, who my audience was, what the end goal was, or what the precedents were. All I knew was that my 9-5 lifestyle, a.k.a. the conventional, was killing me. It was clearly not what I was meant to do with my life.

This is not a particularly hopeful tale and it probably won’t get me on 20/20, but this was the inception of my drastic lifestyle change: the idea that ‘what I’m doing now isn’t working.’ Read More

The bigger picture

Over the last year (2010-2011), something beautiful and magical has happened, as a direct result of this website. All of you who have followed me on this journey are responsible. What began as merely an outlet for my own inefficiencies as a writer and artist (and developed into perhaps, a guide for others experiencing the same problems), has taken on such a larger role in my life than I could have ever anticipated. Read More