A solemn oath

If you’ve ever heard me talk about the ‘artist-audience’ relationship, I’ve spoken about what I believe to be an “unspoken agreement” that allows my readers to say, “Hey, this wasn’t my favorite thing you’ve ever done, but you’re working hard and you’re challenging yourself, so I’m all for it.”

I feel that artists are supposed to make work that resonates with people. I believe artists have to give the audience their monies worth.

Keep Them Wanting More

We have to give them that thing that keeps them coming back.

In exchange, the audience will be here and support you, by buying and sharing your work, coming to hear you speak, etc.

This commitment is one I’ve adhered to as long as I’ve written things that other people have seen. I take it–and my art–extremely seriously.

Those intense feelings prompted me to write this today…

A Writer’s Oath

“I, Kristina Villarini, solemnly swear to create work/art that is both meaningful and interesting, that challenges my imagination and that of my readers. I commit to you, my audience that I will always write, on good days or bad ones. I will always read and reply to your emails or physical mail, no matter where I am or what is happening. I pledge to always give you the ‘real’ me, and to always make affordable and accessible work.

I pledge my allegiance to your eyes and minds, and I intend to be here as long as possible.”

It was an oath worth taking and sharing.

What would your “artistic oath” say?

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