Breaking through

You cannot just ignore or defeat the resistance that keeps you from accomplishing or creating… Sometimes it takes a wrecking crew. I have been fortunate enough to have friends and even fans that consistently help me break through pesky blockages.

The best part about a website like this is that they never even know they’re doing it.

This was sent to me from Dr. Nick M. in NYC, one of the first people to send me supportive “fan-mail”. He never knew that he was actually inspiring me, but I’m grateful he did, and still does!

From a Russian poetess Tsvetaeva:

“Am I a bullfinch,
To sing
Day in and day out?”
– “Even if you can’t,
My bird, sing!

Out of spite!”
“What if I can’t
put two lines together?”
-“When could – anyone?!” –

“It’s torture!” – “Bear it!”
“A mown meadow –
My throat!” :Then wheeze:
That’s a sound, too!”

“So, even in the grave?”
– “Under a headstone, too.”
“I can’t sing!”
– “Sing about that!”

There Will Always Be Something

The poem is brilliant, inspiring and so many other beautiful glorious adjective I cannot think of right now. But what makes it effective, is how accurately it describes the tug-of-war artists play with themselves.

Get it through your head: There will always be something.

There will always be another distraction, another reservation, another project, another meeting, another job or a worse one than the one you have now.

So, if there will always be something, why not include the things you love in the list?

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