Being Fearless

There are a lot of reasons to be scared of creating art: Your critics might hate your work, your audience might not like or “get it,” and your friends may be jealous that you’re pursuing your artistic dreams.

There are a lot of reasons to be scared of creating art, but none of them should be good enough to stop you.


Listen, I get it.

Fear, resistance, lack of guidance… Those are all scary things.

It’s easy to quit in the face of that adversity. After all, they’re only your dreams… Who cares if you decide not to follow through with them? You don’t have anyone to answer to but yourself, and you’ve lasted this long without creating, right?

Rejection can be crushing.

Especially from people you love and respect.

So to you, sensible soul, I say this: Have you ever had a feeling, a dream, a recurring thought that you couldn’t shake?

That’s what creation is.

A voice you can’t quiet, a hunger you can’t satisfy.
Creation doesn’t die when your body does. It lives forever.

It surpasses the critics, the broken relationships, the strained friendships, the exhausted resources.

It exceeds expectations. It is bigger than our small sense of “reality.”

Creation, a truly divine and intangible gift, is limitless. Why would you ever deny yourself the opportunity to be bigger than yourself, bigger than words?

Art is as close to heaven as some of us will get.

So ask yourself, who do you want to answer to, when your time is up? And more importantly, what do you want to leave behind?

Critics are never remembered for giving bad reviews.

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