How Do I Know I’m Supposed to Be an Artist?

I believe you’re supposed to make art when you’re sneaking ways to make art at your desk. I believe it is when you wake up in the middle of the night with a lyric, a verse, a tune or a character in your head that’s just too real to be a dream. You’re supposed to be an artist when you’re fighting yourself to make time to make art. You’re supposed to do this when you accept, fully, that there will be a struggle… And you like the idea of it.

I keep doing this; because there’s nothing else I can do well and consider it a real job (Legally).

I’m supposed to be an artist because it’s the one thing I know I have to do every day when I get up.

Writing is my life.

The battle isn’t so much about winning or losing, as it is to choose to stand and fight.

Artists win when they pick up their weapons (guitars, paintbrushes, chisels, clay, cameras, pens, etc.) and fight.

Fight for what they believe in. Fight because the fight is still in you.
Fight because what is in you is burning to come out.

The thrill to create, and let something bigger than you materialize is one of the prerequisites.

Stop resisting and arm yourself.

What was your artist-eureka moment?

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