Be Your Own ‘Karma Police’

Whatever work you do every day, throw yourself into it and do it because you believe in it. Nothing I have written since I began blogging can work, for anyone, if I didn’t believe in it first. I have alluded to this in the past, but artists have to find the reasons why it is worth it for them to dive headfirst into their work.

I have never made any decisions because of the possibilities of it. I think I leave that up to the audience, to decide if it’s worthy of spreading or passing around.

Do What Works

I think it is our job to make good art that we love and that has meaning. I think the work that is still fun and honest, will make people happier and healthier in the long run. You see other artists as competition?


Figure out how you can support them, and propel them forward in some way. Do good things to build your brand, do the things you’re proud of. Most of the time, it’s the stuff no one else wants to do anyway.

For some reason, it’s very easy for us as artists to tear each other down. I think we can do better than that. I’m not saying that anyone should make any artistic decisions based on the possibility that good karma will swing back around and kiss you on the lips, but even if karma doesn’t YOU’LL feel better about yourself.

Set your expectations of yourself as high as the bar can go and set the level of integrity even higher. Make people want to work with you, since you’re such a stand-up person.

And maybe one day, karma will find you.

When’s the last time you helped someone in your field?


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