The “Brand” of Kristina

Inevitably, I have a lot of conversations about the website these days.

Most frequently, I get questions about my “brand.”

Hell if I know about what it means to be a “brand.”

Be What You Want People to See

Branding is not my area of expertise. I know a lot about storytelling, which is definitely a focal part of branding, and I know a lot about believing in yourself, when no one else will.

As far as the commodity that is Kristina Villarini… I don’t really know.

We’re not making t-shirts and action figures quite yet. I will admit that an action figure would be the dopest thing ever… Especially if someone made a little removable beanie for miniature-Kristina to wear.

That would be awesome.

Anyway, I do know what it is that I want the site to represent.

I want this site to be a home for people who love being creative. I want people to share their stories and their triumphs. I want people to see that I love writing and reading those triumphs.

I want other kinds of artists to see what the world looks like through my eyes.

What I want the site to say about me is: Kristina loves art and her tribe.

This site is the truest representation of everything I am about. It’s raw, honest, and fun.

There is a small percentage of people who actually “make it,” and an even smaller number who live up to their brand.

I don’t really think about that. I just try to be the best possible Kristina Villarini I can be every day.

What’s your brand and who are you building it for?


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