Finding Your Reason to Do This

If you’re going the route of the rogue writer or blogger that may or may not ever be published in the “real world” sense, you may find yourself at quite a few roadblocks throughout your career. Most of those blocks will be self-imposed. Somewhere between your first and one hundredth rejection letter, you’ll start to get discouraged. You’ll wonder why you ever decided to do this in the first place.

When It Stops Being Fun

At one time, this was fun; a creative outlet.

Now you’re trying to make it a job. But, you don’t want your art to be a job! And why would anyone want what YOU have to offer anyway?

These negative thoughts are so quick and familiar that it’s shocking.

After all, it’s what we’re trained to think. Artists are erratic. They don’t work in the mold of Corporate Americans. So, before you beat yourself up during the natural ebb and flow of art, ask yourself why you’re doing this, and make sure you’re ready to hear the answer.

You knew the potentiality for riches and fame was low when you answered the call to be an artist, and here you are, wishing you never did.

What we come to forget is that the call came from the most honest place inside of ourselves, and to deny it would be a huge mistake.

Find your reason to do this, and make it a good one. The true reason is the weapon you’ll be using for the rest of your life to combat your self-doubt.

What’s your reason for doing this every day?

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