March, 2010

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Leave Flattery to Corporate America

I ‘coined’ a phrase today: “Flattery is for sub-par people you don’t want to offend, not for the beautiful ones you’re lucky to have as friends.”

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Finding Your Reason to Do This

If you’re going the route of the rogue writer or blogger that may or may not ever be published in the “real world” sense, you may find yourself at quite a few roadblocks throughout your career. Most of those blocks will be self-imposed. Somewhere between your first and one hundredth rejection letter, you’ll start to get discouraged. You’ll wonder why you ever decided to do this in the first place.

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What is Art?

Tolstoy said that art must create an emotional link between artist and audience, one that ‘infects’ the viewer.

There’s an unspoken arrangement in the exchange, I think, where people don’t have to say “thanks” for reading this site, this blog, or my stories. The “thanks” is in the trip here, the four or five minute average when people click around to try and figure out what I’m about. The “thanks” is in the referral to friends to “check out this site by this writer I know.” Read More