Create. Contort. Repeat.

As writers, creating is the easy part. Well, its easier than the other functions we incorporate in our daily lives. At least, writing comes naturally.

Or does it?

At some point, the “little voice” we have ignored our whole lives–the one who told us we were failures and that our stories were uninteresting slop–starts to dictate how we write.

We stop doing what is organic and start chaperoning ourselves.

Once we start being “artists under circumstances,” the art will almost always suffer.

Artists have real problems with boundaries, even those we set for ourselves. This will certainly cause a direct conflict. The rational and the illogical will engage in a violent stand-off. What writers tend to forget is the beauty of the inexplicable and the unpredictability of existence is one the most basic commonalities humans share.

Sometimes things are not clear to us and sometimes we are too invested in the outcome to see what is best.

Example: maybe you should let your spineless antagonist join that Spanish monastery, after all?

Like real life, the imagined world doesn’t always make sense.

It’s our job to understand that, and respond accordingly.

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