You Probably Won’t Believe Me,

But you're right on time.

I'm Kristina and since 2005, I've written about chasing your passions, finding your voice, making your art, and the struggle to do it all with a 9-5.

I'm not going to hit you with a sexy book trailer or endorsement, I'm just going to tell you the truth: If you love something, and you're willing to be bad at it (for a while), you can make a living off of it. Creativity is in all of us, but it's up to us to share it.

This site is a collection of my thoughts and conversations as I try to share my own creativity.
I hope you're inspired.

Most Recent Thoughts

The Long Way Home

Author Jacqueline Woodson once isolated the very act of “speaking in tangents” as a shared East Coast experience. It could be related to the festering rawness that pours out of a city that, … {Read More...}

Re-Post: KV Interviews Chris Guillebeau

Today, the world should rejoice. Friend of the site and all around awesome guy, Chris Guillebeau, released his newest book today: The Happiness of Pursuit. If you haven't bought it, walk to the local … {Read More...}

How to Find Your Purpose and Meaning

This should be pretty obvious, right? I lose my job, need cash to live, and launch a freelance writing career that presents me with increasingly high-profile opportunities and the sizable audience I … {Read More...}

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