I'm Kristina and I run Villarini Maclean. In everything I do, I put creating first. Including, how creatively I've broken the rules. I didn't follow the one that said I should die as a cubicle monkey in Finance or Law. I also didn't care much for rules about putting ads on my site or selling products.

I do what I want, and I write about what I've learned. At times, that may make me or my posts sound brilliant, hilarious, obscene and even a little bitter.

But I'm just a city girl who went from business suits and conference rooms to pajamas and anywhere WiFi is. And I'm here to tell you: There's no magic formula. There's no special DNA required. Everything can change right now. So read on, if you dare...

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How to Find Your Purpose and Meaning

This should be pretty obvious, right? I lose my job, need cash to live, and launch a freelance writing career that presents me with increasingly high-profile opportunities and the sizable audience I … {Read More...}

What Seth Godin Taught Me

This was originally posted on PaidtoExist.com, Jonathan Mead's killer site. This is one of my favorite pieces of writing I've ever done. I've revisited a lot of these concepts again recently, and … {Read More...}

How to Solve the “It’s Not My Problem” Problem

When the Sanitation Worker decides that a broken bag is “not his problem,” it ultimately becomes a bigger problem than it’s worth. … {Read More...}

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