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I'm Kristina. I like to break rules, date girls, interview entertainers, and play with my dog.

I also believe that you can be creative in everything you do. And that you'll love yourself and your life more after you start understanding what that means.

This site is a collection of my good, bad, and beautiful thoughts and misadventures. It also includes the work of creative people I admire. Let's have some fun.

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Re-Post: Kristina Interviews Chris Guillebeau

Today, the world should rejoice. Friend of the site and all around awesome guy, Chris Guillebeau, released his newest book today: The Happiness of Pursuit. If you haven't bought it, walk to the local … {Read More...}

How to Find Your Purpose and Meaning

This should be pretty obvious, right? I lose my job, need cash to live, and launch a freelance writing career that presents me with increasingly high-profile opportunities and the sizable audience I … {Read More...}

What Seth Godin Taught Me

Originally Published on PaidtoExist.com, Jonathan Mead's killer site. This is one of my favorite pieces of writing I've ever done. I've revisited a lot of these concepts again recently, and heard a … {Read More...}

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